vonixx car care cleaning  catalog product including wax and coating for car vehicle

Vonixx has been operating in the automotive aesthetic segment since 2005, developing and manufacturing vehicle care products.

Located in Brazil, more precisely in the state of Ceará – the world’s largest producer of carnauba – it is located in an industrial park with more than 11,200m² and has its own laboratory, in addition to a committed and trained team. All of these characteristics are fundamental to guarantee excellence and quality in your products. A curiosity: the company started its operation under the name Quimiflex, but with the growth of the organization, it went through a process of repositioning the brand and thus changed its name to Vonixx.

One of the company’s specialties is the production of waxes, especially those containing carnauba in their composition. Vonixx’s strong connection with carnauba began in 1944, the year in which Mr. Félix Ferreira Sampaio, great-grandfather of the founder and current CEO of Vonixx – Paulo Henrique Sampaio Nobre – started cultivating the carnauba trees on his farm, located in the municipality of Morada Nova – CE – Brazil. Carnauba wax was so important to the family that the farm was renamed Caraúbas, which was the way the tree was called at that time. The farm continues to be productive until the present date, and straws are cut annually to produce carnauba wax.

In addition to carnauba-based products, Vonixx has a complete line of products for automotive beautification. Its main purpose is to manufacture products of high standard and easy to use, providing surprising results, awakening the pleasure in taking care of the car.


 vonixx car care cleaning product including wax and coating for car vehicle