Do you want to win great prizes and try out some Vonixx products? Then take part in our raffle!

We have several great prizes to raffle, but let's talk about the 1st price!
We are raffling a Volkswagen Golf MK7 GTI!

How crazy is that? A New Golf GTI MK7 which is a very fast and practical hatchback! 
Second price is a New Vespa Sprint with all the bells and whistles!

Third price is a New ES Master electric bike!


4-20 - Vonixx products worth 100 euro

21-40 - Vonixx products worth 50 euro

41-100 - 1 Vonixx product 




Odds of winning: 1 in 100
Number of prizes: 100
Number of tickets: 10.000
Price per ticket: €23.50

Only tickets that have been sold will be entered into the draw
The notary monitors the fairness of the draw
The accountant checks the finances
The draw is on Juli 1st and you can watch it directly via a livestream!